A strategy of sustainability

Although it may be a cliché, we are a company that operates in a highly sustainable manner. What does that mean in concrete terms?

We base our strategic decisions upon what is good for our company over the long term. And not upon what will bring us a short-term windfall. So we embrace continuity with a view to the future, instead of chasing after the latest trends.

Controlled growth 

The focus is not on expansion for expansion’s sake. We grow in a controlled manner on an as-needed basis. This has enabled us to preserve our financial and entrepreneurial independence right down to this very day.

Short decision-making channels

The latest methods, processes and market knowledge are integrated directly into everyday corporate life at Anton Clemens. This is possible because decision-making channels are short in our owner-operated company.

Broad and diverse clientele

We would never focus on only a few industries and customers. Thanks to our highly diverse clientele, we have not been harmed by crises in individual market segments.