Experience molds quality

What’s needed for a first-class mold? Something that’s priceless. Because it costs time, not money: Experience. 

Cutting-edge machinery and equipment? We have it. But we are convinced that it’s our decades of experience that makes the difference when it comes to mold design know-how. This is what our customers rely upon when we build dependable molds that satisfy their requirements.

Broad production portfolio

The production process is where we literally mold everything our customers want: Filigree contours, complex geometries, spray-applied seals or flexible pushbutton or key surfaces. From small lots to mass production, we process all popular thermoplastics involving the tightest manufacturing tolerances – for articles weighing between 0.05g and around 850g. 

This is what we can offer you: 

  • Precision injection molding 
  • Technical injection molding
  • IML(In-Mould Labelling) injection molding
  • Insert injection molding (including press-formed/machined articles of metal or electronic components)
  • Hybrid injection molding
  • Assembly injection molding 
  • Decorated plastic articles

Cutting-edge machinery

Our machinery and equipment comprise injection molding machines that offer clamping forces of from 25 to 210 tons. The production process is both semi- and fully automated. Everything that’s needed for efficient, high-quality production:

  • Modern injection molding machines (Arburg and Demag)
  • Computer-supported consistent article quality thanks to automatic operating data capture and CAQ system
  • Peripherals for processing all thermoplastics as well as high-temperature materials (PPS/LCP/PEEK)

Wide range of subsequent processing

Finishing, assembling, inspecting, picking and packing. We also put our experience to use in the subsequent processing of the molded articles., whether it’s a matter of fully automated, robot-supported production cells or manual assembly operations using specially made jigs, fixtures and workplaces.

Our production processes:

  • Joining (ultrasound welding, bonding, riveting) 
  • Coating (painting, printing, hot stamping) 
  • Laser processing (engraving/cutting/marking) 
  • Machining (lathe work, milling, tapping, etc.)