Environmental Policy

The Anton Clemens group, founded in 1954, is one of the leading suppliers of plastic injection moulded parts and assembly of system units. Through our high-quality products and services, we actively contribute to environmental protection, while at the same time ensuring our competitiveness and supporting the implementation of customer requirements within the company.

The management promotes continuous improvement of the environmental management system in all areas and works actively to reduce environmental impact. We are aware that our activities affect our environment. In all processes, we always strive to protect the environment and natural resources.

Decisive for this are our highly qualified personnel, elaborate testing and measuring technology and a demanding management system. Together, we set ourselves the highest requirements for quality, environmental protection, and industrial safety, as well as the implementation of international standards. This is valid for the entire Anton Clemens group and includes all relevant internal and external topics as well as binding commitments towards all interested parties.

Specifically, environmental management covers the development and manufacture of injection moulded articles on thermoplastics, assemblies, and injection moulds, as well as the development, manufacture and distribution of technical and automotive products. It is applicable from the procurement of our raw materials, the entire manufacturing processes, up to the shipping of the products and inclusion of the disposal of residual materials such as recycled plastics and cooling lubricants.

Management's proactive policy and application of these systems ensures continuous improvement in our operations.

Our commitments:

• We commit ourselves to the sustainable protection of the environment and natural resources, including the prevention of environmental pollution resulting from our activities.

• We commit ourselves to harmonize all our environmental and economic factors.

• We commit ourselves to promotion and continuous improvement through regular training of our employees and the determination and monitoring of environmentally relevant key figures.

• We commit ourselves to complying with legal requirements so that the satisfaction of our customers and other interested parties is guaranteed.

• We commit ourselves to the responsible and resource-conserving use of raw materials, auxiliary and operating resources, so that our actions are neither to the detriment of the region nor to the detriment of future generations. This includes, among other things, the consideration of energy efficiency points and renewable energies.

• We commit ourselves to transferring our commitment to the environment to our suppliers and service providers.

• We commit ourselves to keeping our waste to a minimum and avoiding unnecessary production waste.

We communicate our environmental policy to all employees, persons working for or on behalf of our company, our customers, the public, and state or local authorities, and apply it to our suppliers and cooperating organisations.

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