An idea of what we do

Toolmakers, prototype builders, product developers: We are all of these. And yet, we offer you more than merely the sum total of these activities. We’re a consulting partner who can mold to your needs. 

We view ourselves as being a “sparring partner” with whom you can work together worldwide to find solutions, whether it’s a matter of developing an innovative product, of competent support throughout the production process, or of suitable solutions for subsequent processing and assembly.

And we stand by your side with our experience and independence in order to cost-effectively drive the process of transforming ideas into reality. Our work begins long before tooling or prototypes are ever built. The earlier you involve us, the better we can support you. Our decades of experience in executing innumerable projects in all major industries make us the go-to people when it comes to know-how. We know how to launch a short product development cycle involving low development costs, but without skimping on quality. We view all of the steps – development, production, subsequent processing – as a single entity. This holistic approach saves time and money. We have specialists in-house for all sub-processes: Toolmakers, prototype builders, product developers and many more.