From molded article to finished product

Often, the molded article isn’t the finished product. But we turn it into one that is. “One-stop shopping for everything,” after all, means offering our customers truly “everything” that’s needed to produce the finished product. 

The more complex an assembly, the more intensive the subsequent processing of the molded article in question. We employ a wide variety of processing technologies here, such as ultrasound welding, printing or riveting. From simple rework to extensive assembly operations, you can rely upon our trained personnel and modern automation technology. We guarantee you cost-effective, flexible subsequent processing, even for very large production runs.

Ready-to-install system solutions

Are additional standard or custom components needed for assembly? If so, we procure the components and deliver your ready-to-install system solution. Depending upon their nature and volume, we produce the solutions either in Germany or in our plant in the Czech Republic.