Pre-production production

The quality of a product hinges upon the injection mold that is used to produce it

That’s why we are just as focused and passionate in making the tooling as we are in producing your injection-molded articles. So when we consider the best solution for your needs, we also always have the toolmaking process in mind. This not only enables us to significantly influence the quality of the entire project but its cost-effectiveness as well. After all, the majority of production costs are incurred when developing and designing the mold.

In our toolmaking operations, we can rely upon the decades of experience and the skills possessed by our specialized staff. In doing so, we collaborate with a broad local and international network. This means that you can depend on us – from building prototypes to jigs and fixtures to gauges – for guaranteed long service lives and the utmost in product quality. Convincingly point for point:

  • From complex one-off tooling to major tooling projects
  • Designing and building injection molds
  • Multi-component tools, 2K/3K technology, insert technology
  • Customer-provided molds
  • In-house service and modifications

CAD/CAM-controlled processes

Whether developed directly by us or provided by you, the database we employ is designed for CAD/CAM technology. This affords cost-effective and swift subsequent processing by means of cutting-edge HSC milling as well as erosion and grinding technologies. 

Our further specialties

3D product and mold design, including documentation:

  • 3D printing (FDM technology) using your data records (stl., stp., igs., etc.)
  • Laser-sintered or vacuum-cast prototypes, without any tooling costs
  • Cost-effective test molds and prototypes using standard materials
  • Filling and delay simulations, materials selection, plastics-suitable design

Optimum service and maintenance

We guarantee you optimum service and maintenance of your molds throughout the entire production process and beyond in order to keep downtimes to a minimum and assure long service life. That’s why after every production run we inspect and maintain the tooling, and then properly store it.